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Why us?

Are you about to move to Switzerland? Do you realise how much there is to organise? Are you finding it hard to understand the language, the country specific restrictions and ways? Considering the vast amount of information that is available over the various media channels, would you know what to call important or of value?

Let us help you with your project and settling-in smoothly, because we know you have enough to cope with at home. We deploy our local knowledge and networks in our search to tailor-make a service that provides you with the best solutions.

At Relocation and m-o-r-e we realise that individuals need different levels of services. Our Relocation Services will provide you with critical and more detailed information such as average time-frames and procedures. It is also an important tool to get your requirements and preferences across and set proper expectations on both sides. Let us ensure you that we are working with partners that are highly reliable, reputable and competitive.

We look forward to helping you arrive in our beautiful country!
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