top perspektiven - Relocation and m-o-r-e

See below what a few of our clients say about us...
Swisslife - M. Skupch, Financial Advisor:
Wow, my old friend Joy Foster sure wrote a great review about you on Living in Lucerne Website. From her description, I believe you write the word SERVICE in capital letters...

Sekai Electronics - M. Nilsson:
I want to thank top perspectiven ag - Relocation and m-o-r-e for their assistance during my relocation to Luzern as well as the services provided the following months.
They made the process to enter a new country easy and painless taking care of all the little details and introducing me to everything a newcomer needs to learn.
Thanks to their knowledge and contacts I could feel confident that everything from insurance to banking and tax authority registration was handled properly and in a timely
manner. I cannot thank you enough for making the transfer to Luzern possible and always with a friendly smile!

Made with Joy - J. Foster:
I am trying to juggle motherhood, the Living in Luzern handoff, a new job and the move. I practically exploded and I called Claudia Shekle with Relocation and m-o-r-e to pick up the pieces. She was introduced to me by Jacqueline Webb, the founder and principal of the International School of Central Switzerland. As Claudia had helped several ISOCS families and Jacqueline sang her praises, I decided to see if she could help me gain some sanity back and get my move sorted out.
I kid you not. Within a couple of hours, all of my stress was relieved. Claudia sent over paperwork granting her power of attorney, allowing her to take over all conversations with the landlady, the phone company, the bank, the insurance company, the floor guy, the wall guy, the electrical guy, the AHV office, the tax office, the ski rental place, and on and on and on. She was a god-send and she no doubt saved us a couple thousand francs. Her fee, considering what stress she relieved and the money she saved, was 100% worth it and I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone who is leaving – or coming to Switzerland.